Friday, September 18, 2009

Highway 38 Sale

My first yard sale of the summer started with quite the adventure as Laura and I made our first trip to the annual Highway 38 sale!

Along with our yard sale finds we also found some awesome places! We were ecstatic to discover a candy shop!
As we were driving down the road we passed this young man. He was jumping up and down screaming his heart out, “fill a bag for one dollar!!!” So of course we had to stop and fill a bag! I put in 2 green planters pots and a sheet of American flag stickers.
I grew these in my planter pots!

As we were about to head home we passed a carnival in a parking lot! It was awesome!

All Photos © Erika Duncan 2009


  1. possibly the cutest blog ive ever seen.

    love love love the old looking picssssss.

  2. Wish I had some of those yummy veggies to cook with :)