Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Reader,
Greetings from Tennessee! I am on the road right now, playing music from town to town, and we made a noteable stop in Chattanooga. Noteable especially for Secondhand Happenings because we performed in a fantastic resale shop called Collective Clothing . Not only was it a great space and a nice little show (Many thanks to the owners, Travis and Sondra), but I was perusing the many nooks and crannies all evening and found a few gems to take home with me.

Bro. Stephen

Frank Schweikhardt

A good friend of mine has been after a string tie for months now. Luckily, Collective Clothing had a little bit of everything!

I couldn't resist this fantastic piece of luggage. Though I do not own a hat fancy enough to merit it's use as a hat box, I'm envisioning using it for weekend getaways.

I forgot to bring a sweater with me on this tour, and so I had been borrowing Frank's flannel and looking so grunge I was nearly addicted to heroin simply by wearing it. I was very thankful when I found this jean jacket at Collective Clothing with which to warm my arms.

And I found it just in time for a rainstorm! What luck!

We also visited a very well organized thrift store in Chattanooga called America's Thrift Store. They had all of thier televisions tuned to the same station, just like an electronic store would.

It had a desolate warehouse type of feel. Could I have found the Wal-Mart of thrift stores?

God bless America.

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  1. Tennessee is knockin' it out of the park.