Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Indiana Flea Market {this weekend!}

Dear Reader,

I break the long silence that has commenced since the end of yard sale season with some exciting news: Secondhand Happenings will be present at the Indiana State Flea Market this weekend (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) at the state fairgrounds. Sadly, the home of our resale boutique in Northern Indiana closed, so the inventory of Something Blue was starting to become a permanent indoor yard sale in the front room of my apartment. While it was fun for a couple of weeks to have friends over to peruse the selection, I decided that I needed to do something drastic or I'd be on the path to reality television stardom on the show Hoarders. After looking around for Winter resale options, Stewart Promotions' semiannual flea market seemed to be the best bet. This will be my first venture as a flea market vendor and I'm looking forward to experiencing a new side of secondhand.

I hope you'll join me for some the adventure. So much so that if you mention Secondhand Happenings I'll give you 50% off any one item! Held in the AG building, admission is free and there will be $25 gift cards given away every hour. Hours are Friday noon-6, Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 10-4. I'll be tweeting all about the experience, so be sure to follow us at @2handhappenings.

Merchandise will include the typical fare of Something Blue (vintage glassware, home decor, accessories, knick knacks), as well as the goods from a merciless raid on the contents of my home (vinyl, books, more glassware and home decor, nifty odds and ends).

All the best, Laura

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tomorrow's Happenings

Hello friends!

I've been caught up in the whirlwind that is the Balke Family yard sale, but I wanted to let you know about a couple of Secondhand Happenings going on tomorrow.

To all of our Indianapolis readers, a friend is helping out with a fantastic benefit yard sale to raise money to bring her nieces/nephews home from Ethiopia. Help fund an adoption AND pick up some great bargains?! DO IT. It all goes down tomorrow, 8/27 at 8545 Los Robles Road in Fishers.

To all of our Northern Indiana folks, don't miss our...
And it's all true! The Balke family sale is always a sprawling array of bargains, and we'll be set up tomorrow in Pierceton from 8 to 5 at 208 S. Maple street. Look for our sign off of 13 (it's hard to miss!).

Enjoy your weekend and happy bargain hunting!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Laura's Favorite Finds- 127 Sale 2011

Dear Reader,
With the passing of the biggest event in our secondhand year, I'm left with my findings along the route of the 127, sweet memories, and the hope of 2012 (thankfully next year the sale will fall before the end of the world, so I can go one last time).

A bargain isn't complete until shared (or bragged about!), so today I offer you my Favorite Finds of 2011's 127 Sale, aka The World's Longest Yard Sale.
This wooden crate caught my attention for aesthetics alone, but it was what was inside that sold me on it. There was a paper note on the side that said "knobs, all kinds" and on the top was a blue sticker proclaiming it to be $5 for all!
The contents were a treasure indeed. Now I just need to find that vintage amp in need of a little TLC...
I dug this suitcase out from under a table, and the gentleman to whom it belonged said he hadn't intended it for sale, but had been using it as storage. I offered him $4 and it was a deal. As we made our exchange, he said with a hint of sadness in his voice, "her name was Marjorie". I will treasure it all the more.
I've been after a good weather vane arrow for quite some time now. This particular one met all my weather vane arrow needs, and for only $10!

These signs were a splurge. Not monetarily, but certainly of my space. Even so I couldn't say no to vintage hand-stenciled garage sale signs. If you see them out on the town then you'll know who's sale they point to!
This hand carves dulcimer was my find-of-all-finds! It was marked "$25 firm" but the moment I expressed interest, the lady in charge said "we'll take $20!". I have a standing invitation to come and play at the Junction City First Christian Church once I get it up and strumming.
These yellow apple bowls speak for themselves! I bought them on Sunday, the last day of the sale, so they were half price.

I found this dress at an estate sale in Celina, OH. It fits like a glove! I was told that it belonged to "Mother".
I recently made the decision to store as much food as possible in glass as opposed to plastic, and these glass containers will hasten that resolution.
This was one of my first purchases, which was actually along the Lincoln Buy-Way yard sale, which we followed east until we hit the 127. Can't wait to get stampin' with these beauts.
I bought all of these fascinating old photos for $5 on Sunday afternoon (the box had previously been marked at $10). I hate when the end of the World's Longest Yard Sale is upon us, but I love the bargains those last hours bring to fruition.

With love, Laura

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Here is a snippet of conversation regarging purse options for the 127:

"Bring them all!"

"Our Motto!"

"Buy them all, too!"


It's Happening, and soon!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Dear Reader,
Well, our Third Annual Yard Sale was a total success! Many thanks to our wonderful shoppers, sponsors and all of the helping hands. We now turn our eyes toward the event of the year... The WORLD'S LONGEST YARD SALE! We leave in three short days!

Tonight the three of us got together to plan our outfits, as every detail counts. Take note of Elizabeth's drawings. This year we plan on being Gypsies and selling things out of the car, so in preparation for the lifestyle, we met at the Target parking lot and commiserated.

We also made music plans, as we will only have cd capabilities while out on the road. We are currently taking suggestions for songs for the 2011 127 mix, please send any ideas our way! (We're looking for songs about secondhand, garage sales, rodeos, mountains, girl time, and road trips. And yes, we already have Raspberry Beret, Secondhand News and Girls Just Want To Have Fun on the list ;) )

THREE MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sneak Preview!

In case you were thinking about skipping our Third Annual Yard Sale, we offer you this enticing sneak preview:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Win a free t-shirt!!!

Did you see this on the facebook event for our third annual yard sale!?!

How exciting! Be sure to stop by the front yard of 1636 N. Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis tomorrow (Sunday) to shop, socialize, and sign up to win a free t-shirt from our awesome sponsor Mudlove!!!

[photo credit: Codey Holliday]