Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Second Annual Secondhand Happenings Yard Sale

Dear Reader,
We would like to report the immense success of our second annual yard sale. Not only did we make more room in our lives (and spending money!) for the treasures that await us at the 127, but we also got to see many great friends and good people. It was a whirlwind of a day. We took two rolls of film on a secondhand camera and then, toward the end of the sale, realised that we weren't even sure if the camera worked. While it seems more excited and risky to play Russian Roulette with your photographic memories, I decided to snap a few shots with a digital camera as evidence of the sale's existence.

This year the garage sale was more of a sidewalk sale, as we had no garage

Tara B picked up this lovely little latch hook picture that Elizabeth featured on the blog earlier this year. Get it, girl!

At the end of the sale we decided to try two brand new tactics- sign waving and 50% off. Erika proudly waved her sign, jumped up and down, and danced on the sidewalk.

We had ALL OF THIS STUFF left!!! Our sign wavers did help to clear more of it away.
Elizabeth was a little more reserved than Erika.

Amazingly, this Culture Club picture disc was one of the last items we sold. How it hung around all day until our 50 % off sale, I'll never know!
And now we turn our attention to the 127, which is only two days away...


  1. i'm sad that i missed the sign waving! and i can't wait to create my latch hook work of art. i'll send a photo of my finished product. have fun at the 127!!

  2. OMFG!!!! I can't believe I missed a chance to buy that Culture Club picture disc!!! SO BUMMED!!! (Yes, I'm serious.)

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