Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Front & Back Yard Sale by Secondhand Happenings

Dear Readers,

The World's Longest Garage Sale is fast approaching! In preparation for all the new junk we will be bringing home, we will be hosting our second annual Yard Sale. Closets have been cleaned out, wardrobes purged, and basement belongings up heaved in our search for the things that we don't need in our lives. Perhaps you need them! We will be continuing traditions from last year's sale, including a Democratic Lemonade Stand and the Gentleman's corner, as well as giving away some fantastic gifts from our sponsors. Don't miss this one day only, Front & Back Yard Sale!

What: A Front & Back Yard Sale by Secondhand Happenings
When: Sunday, August 1 from 9 to 4
Where: 4828 N. College, Indianapolis, IN
Why: Treasures out the wazoo!

Countdown to 127: 14 Days, 00 Hours, 02 Minutes, 45 Seconds


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