Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Business as usual.

Dear Reader,

We, the ladies of Secondhand Happenings, are reminiscing about recent finds and thinking of future bargains at our monthly business meeting. We are enjoying cold gingerales at Erika’s grandparent’s house, laughing way too hard and trying to get down to business.

This is what business looks like:

As the garage sale season has come to a close, our hearts turn toward the 2010 season. And more specifically, our holy grail of all secondhand happenings, the 127 Corridor Sale! In anticipation of this world-renowned event, we will be posting a weekly countdown, along with some of our favorite 127 moments and insider tips.

We will also be taking our treasure hunt indoors, to the fantastic antique and thrift stores in and around Indianapolis.

Countdown to 127: 260 days, 1 hour, 54 minutes, 32 seconds

We love you.


  1. If I ever make a movie, are you three for hire as a production team?

  2. yes, sir! we are!
    you can pay us in ginger ale and candy. i assure you, we will not disappoint.

  3. you guys are so cute. i love your blog.