Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Snapshots of the sale!

Dear Reader,
I'd like to share with you just a few moments of Secondhand Happening's first annual yard sale. One reason that I love to host yard sales is that I like to see where my treasure/trash is going to end up. If I spend enough time with just about anything, sentiments start to attach to it. Take this sweater, for example. I picked it up last summer at the 127 Corridor Sale (aka the world's longest garage sale). Over the past year, it spent alot of time in my closet and a little time warming my arms. Another girl named Laura found it at our sale and decided it would be a good addition to her wardrobe. She works in a very chilly library. I'm thrilled that my burgundy cardigan has found a good home!

The Lemonade Stand Boys arrived just in time!

Once again: the importance of a fanny pack.

The people, lobbying for sweeter lemonade.

The boys preferred their lemonade bitter, the people wanted it sweet. Democracy, anyone?

Yard sales are hard work!

McDonald's makes everything better.

And now that I've cleared that junk out of my life, I have room for all the new treasures that await me at the 127 sale. We leave tomorrow!!!


  1. U look super hott in a fanny-pack. ;)

  2. It was wonderful meeting you all. Hope you enjoyed the "World's Longest Yard Sale".

    Fentress County Chamber of Commerce
    Jamestown, TN

  3. I have been thouroughly enjoying the secondhand happenings to my wardrobe since I visited your sale. With 10 pairs of earrings, two necklaces, and a number vintage pins and pendants, accessorizing has never been so fun. All the pins have been turned into pendants, combined with other chains and pendants I found from my other favorite secondhand source, Value World. The amazing checkered, corduroy ottoman has become inspiration for a painting that will be hung above it above our living room couch, along with the color coordinated box/shelves also purchased from you. Thank you for fresh, lovely, morning yard sale experience, and I loved loving beautiful things along side you.

    Beth Eisinger
    (your biggest sale spender)