Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's time for bed...

Dear Reader,
In the past 24 hours we have tagged, set up, hosted, and torn down the yard sale of the year! Perhaps you were there? I must say that our one day event was quite the success. Not only did we have an incredible amount of traffic, but we sold over half of our inventory and exceeded our monetary goal! The sale was such a success that we must go directly to bed. You may have noticed that sleep was not included in the description of the past 24 hours. Thank you and goodnight!
-Secondhand Happenings


  1. U girlz r awesome.

    Gentlemen's Corner 4 evar.

  2. I'm glad i came. the prices were amazing and so much fun stuff. please continue.

  3. Congratulations and sorry I missed it!


  4. The garage sale was awesome! Let us know if you have any more on the horizon.