Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Been there, done that. Gonna do it again.

Dear Reader,
We return triumphantly after conquering the World's Longest Garage Sale! Our treasure hunt led us through 654 miles of sales in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. Along the way we acquired amazing finds, great new friends, and some stories you may or may not believe! Over the next few weeks we will be unpacking our journey, both literally and in words and photographs for you, our Reader.
with love,
Secondhand Happenings


  1. Dear 127 WLYS Young Ladies!
    Greetings from the South Land, your new Bama Belle Girlfriends, and The Queen Mascot herself "Aint Lottie"! Ta-Da!
    She sends her very best to you girls! What a special joy to meet kindred spirits along our Journey of Treasure Hunting... We wait patiently as you unwrap more jewels and trinkets for us to behold!
    We just love Y'all!! :)

  2. Hi:
    I hope I am able to meet you next year, 2010, as I am planning on driving out from Southern California as we Wset Coast women want to be where it is at too : )
    Can't wait to read about your adventures, see the wonderful photos and see your great finds!!! I may need some hints too : )
    Let us see everything.