Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Historic National Road Yard Sale!

Dear Readers,
On a whim I decided that I will wake up in 6 short hours to embark on the Historic National Road Yard Sale. I was ready to settle in for a night of working on the many projects that are piled around my apartment, and had just finished a cup of coffee to ensure that I do so, when I looked at the facebook page for the big event. I was planning on going for a couple of hours thursday morning before work, but the secondhand excitement nearly jumped off the screen and I knew I had to be there for the opening day. After all, I don't work until 3 tomorrow and can get a full day of garage saling in before that! I'll be sure to document the sale, which is officially tomorrow, June 1 to Sunday June 5th. Now if only I could undrink that cup of coffee and get some sleep...

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