Sunday, April 10, 2011

The ancient ancestor of Crocs?!

Hello friends.

Yes, S.H. is still alive and well. We've been waiting out the winter here in Indianapolis, and I cannot tell you the joy that fills my heart when I think of the upcoming garage sale season. I have been frequenting the thrift stores lately, but even thrift store prices seem expensive when I start day-dreaming about church rummage sales. I recently had a heart to heart about secondhand with a new friend, Breyell, and just talking about it made me miss sharing the experience with the blogosphere.

Out and about at my favorite Value World, I recently stumbled upon what may be the ancient ancestor of Crocs. I myself have never put a pair on my feet, and while I understand that a comfortable shoe is more important than a fashionable shoe, I still can't get over the way that they look. I took photographic evidence of the ancestor, secretly wishing that they had died out long ago, before I had to be bombarded with scarring images of them on the street and in mall kiosks.

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