Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 a new year

It’s a new year and for me 2011 has brought a new method of garage saleing! You see this year I will become Aunt Erika, so I will actually like the garages filled with baby things! My sister and I adventured out to a suburban neighborhood this morning and found several goodies! My first garage sale purchase of the year was this little hat for a little man named Reese.

We only had a few hours and therefore only made a few stops but look at all that we found!

I personally think our best deal was at the last stop where we got the toy thing on the left and the boppy for $7 total!

Of course all the kids in my life need to have cameras so I had to buy this for a whopping $0.50!

Have you made your first yard sale purchase of 2011? What did you find? Does anyone else have different things they will be looking for this year?

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