Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When worlds collide!

Dear Reader,
Laura here. Every now and then two different things that are very dear to my heart are brought together. Usually it is of my own purposeful doing, but the most magical happenings are the ones that chance brings together. As you may or may not know, in addition to all things secondhand, I love to write songs and play music. A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation to perform at the 33rd annual Woodruff Place Flea Market, a legendary event in Indianapolis. I have not yet had the pleasure of attending, though both Erika and Elizabeth were able to enjoy the festivities last year (photos here!). I eagerly accepted the invitation, and will perform at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning, June 6.

All of the ladies of Secondhand Happenings will be browsing around, and we'd love to run in to you! Happy bargain hunting!

with love, Laura

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  1. thanks so much for the hair treasure girls!!!! I got it this week and LOVE it!!!! I wore it to work and got TONS of compliments! Hope all is well! Mike & I are going to spend all day tomorrow garage sale-ing so hopefully we find some amazing things. Maybe I'll post pictures on my blog!