Thursday, May 6, 2010

Support local music AND garage sale?! At the same time?!

Dear Reader,
I recently recieved an invitation to a pretty fantastic and worthwhile event from Musical Family Tree. Just thought I would pass along this gem of a garage sale to the concerned readers of Secondhand Happenings:

MFT is an online music archive featuring mostly Indiana bands from the Punk scene through the present. It's also an online community and store.

Time: May 7, 2010 at 8am to May 8, 2010 at 5pm

Event Description:We are going to have an MFT fundraiser/garage sale on May 7th and 8th (friday and saturday) at my house- 8904 Manderley Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46240. Sale times are 8am-5pm both days.The goal is to sell a bunch of stuff and raise some money to pay off the monster credit card bill that MFT has from putting out some lovely but poorly selling releases the last few years. After personally paying $2500 in interest on the card last year I've decided I need some help paying this down.We will a huge record collection at this sale. The collection is from a local DJ and former owner/employee of Second Time Around. There's about 4-5000 LPs, many in great condition and some pretty rare/desirable as well. It's an A-Z of rock with plenty of other genres mixed in. Jorma Whittaker and I are getting it organized for the sale.We will be pulling out much of MFT's backstock and offering it for crazy low prices so we can move it. This includes tons of CDs, LPs and some 45s. Great Indiana stuff, many items not even in the store.

How can you help? Two ways. Donate and buy stuff.If you have some back stock you want to donate, or some old equipment (studio gear, instruments, etc) or even just good garage sale stuff (record players, stereos, TVs, etc) drop it off at Small Box (6332 Guilford Ave 46220) or just bring it by the sale which will be at my house (8904 Manderley Dr 46240 near North Central High School).If you are bringing lots of stuff for the sale please let us know in advance. My email is jebbanner at Hopefully we can have a fun time and raise some money to pay off this pesky credit card!


  1. so..both this event and the woodruff flea market are this weekend? and i will be in chicago? i am so sad.

  2. Good news for you... the woodruff place flea market is June 5th and 6th!!!

  3. hey your name is slipping my mind, but you bought my little keyboard from my moms garage sale...

  4. Oh, I love that keyboard! (Laura is my name, specifically, though there are three of us who contribute to the blog) I'm still playing around with all of the different sounds. It definitely was my find of the day!