Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day in a Box

I received a phone call from my secondhand comrades yesterday - a sort of "Come to Jesus" talk, if you will. I haven't been pulling my weight here in the blogosphere, and I needed to hear that, in love of course. And I do have a lot I want to share with you, so here is my first step toward a better blogging record. (Wednesday, I am going to tell you all about my totally awesome, secondhand, Valentine's Day outing!!! Gosh it's good.)

So I was in Goodwill about a month ago, getting a little secondhand fix, when I decided to mosey on over to the fabric section. Usually this section skeezes me out a bit but I thought I would take a quick walk-by, and boy am I glad I did! I found this hook rug kit for one dollar! Just in time for V-day!

Upon purchasing this gem and taking it home, I realized that the little latch hook tool was not included. So, I went online and found out that you could buy the little guy for a couple dollars at Joann Fabrics. So I trudged on over to Castleton only to find that I had to buy an entire kit just to get the tool. $6.95 mind you! I thought I would share a photo of the unfortunate packaging. I admit, the packaging from my Goodwill find is nothing to write home about, but it is bad in an endearing/charming sort of way.

This is the little guy I needed.

And the finished product! (I decided to omit the lace.) I must say, I really enjoyed the latch hook process. Have any of our beloved readers given latch hooking a try? Do tell.

With love,


  1. ummmm...this is pretty fantastic, liz. i sort of want to start up a new latch hook hobby! let's start a club!

  2. Yes! Let's! You can have the rainbow heart kit that I had to buy! (there is a lady in the diy world that hooks rugs with nudie pics. it just goes to show that the options are endless in the rug-hooking world!)