Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Sign of Spring

Every February CIBA, Central Indiana Bicycling Association, hosts a bicycle swap meet and this year it just so happened to fall on the 14th! So, my Valentine and I headed up to the Noblesville Fairgrounds to see what we could find!

Vendors from around Indiana and beyond (we met a guy from Columbus, Ohio) bring their bicycle-related odds and ends and slap them on a table, for a small fee of course. I took some pics with my camera phone for you. (Isn't technology amazing?!)

They were crowding around this table like a school of piranhas. The afternoon was coming to a close so the vendors were wheelin' and dealin'. This definitely worked out to our advantage.

Not only did they have a myriad of bikes and bike parts, they also had a fine assortment of vintage, cycling-related tees and jerseys.

As we purused the swap meet, we were keeping an eye peeled for a lil something to fix up for the coming Spring. I think we were both keeping our expectations low. However, in the second row of tables, we stumbled upon a lovely little frame - a robin's egg blue Schwinn World Sport. The tag said $20, but when the vendor saw us looking it over he immediately said he would take $10. The frame was just my size! After a couple moments of contemplation, we realized we couldn't pass this up. Before we left we also found a pair of Specialized handlebars for $2 and a stem for $5. What a secondhand happening!

They look pretty great together.

Work has already begun on this beauty! And just yesterday we discovered that the frame was released in 1985! The year of my birth! Meant to be.

I found the 1985 Schwinn catalog while surfing net.

I think I am going to look at least that good.

Spring, here we come!



  1. great find!

    i can't wait for spring to come. all i want to do is Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle!

  2. this is great! i had no idea that little happening existed! keep that in mind for next year