Saturday, February 20, 2010

Heart of the Lakes Antique Mall

Dear Reader,
I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Heart of the Lakes Antique Mall in North Webster, IN. I've been bargain hunting at this fantastic maze of treasures for years now, and I can always count on finding more things that I couldn't live without. ;)

First, a couple of unique items I did not buy:

Just a little too much something... Feathers maybe?

A town drunk lamp!
And now I'll share with you the lovelies that I brought home:

A wonderfully tinky-sounding toy piano

Oh, but there's more...

This miniature tea set now decorates (or clutters...) my window seat

It went from "cute" to "can't live without" in 2.9 seconds

A lightning arrow from an old farm house

You really should visit the Heart of the Lakes, as well as their antique mall. I have to make sure my visits are few and far between, because I don't need many more items that I can't live without.
With love, Laura


  1. "Heart of the Lakes" the name alone makes me swoon.

  2. OMG.....I am a dealer at Heart of the Lakes and that lightning rod arrow actually came off my old farmhouse! I have a complete lighting rod with glass ball and arrow (that came off my old barn) sitting in the corner of my living room! Small, small world......Karen (the owner of the mall) shared with me that you had blogged about the store, so with me being new to blogging I just had to check ya out! Love that antique mall, I was a customer long before I opened my booth!
    Thank you for the purchase and hope you visit again!

  3. Wow! Simply amazing. Stories like this are one of the great rewards of secondhand. The arrow now proudly hangs in my living room! My mom and I can't keep away from the Heart of the Lakes, so I'm sure we'll be back soon.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!