Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Countdown to 127- Sno Balls

Secondhand Happenings recently had a very fun, snowy outing, but as with almost everything, it left us longing for the 127. This past year, the World's Longest Garage Sale introduced us to a new tasty treat: New Orleans style Sno-Balls. Let's make one thing clear: a Sno-Ball is nothing like a Sno-Cone. The ice is shaved, so finely that you could very easily mistake it for a snow ball with your choice of flavor syrup drizzled over it. In the middle of a hot, southern summer, there's nothing more refreshing.

Countdown to 127 (and New Orleans style Sno-Balls!)
176 days, 11 hours, 12 minutes, 23 seconds

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