Friday, December 4, 2009

Secondhand Home Decor

A couple months ago, I decided our mantel needed a little dose of autumn. I have been collecting bell jars for the past couple years (many from the 127, more on that later!), and I recently came across the inspiring work of Katie Runnels. Long story short, I found all six of these green glass bases in one Goodwill stop. I then shopped around and found little odds and ends I could use in my jars.
• a secondhand book called, "Animals Are Like People".
• a metal scrubber
• a pale pink plastic table cloth
• cellophane wrapping paper
• a dollar general plastic bag
• arm floaties
• a hula skirt

This is what I came up with:
I also made a lil banner of leaves for Alex.

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  1. "The Bell Jar" was written about Elizabeth Helfrich, because she is the queen of all belljars.

    Girl amazes me.