Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Secondhand gifting 101 with Bargain Betty

Dear Reader,
As Christmas quickly approaches (as well as the 127! Well, sort of...) we have been combing the thrift stores around town for gifts. We can't write about them just yet because we don't want to spoil any surprises, but thought it would be nice to dedicate our weekly countdown to 127 to the subject of secondhand gifts. Today I had the opportunity to speak over the phone with Bargain Betty, a seasoned secondhand veteran.

Secondhand Happenings: Bargain Betty, thank you for taking the time to speak with me during your holiday preparations.

Bargain Betty: You're quite welcome!

S.H. Do you think that there is a better selection at a thrift store or garage sale than at a department store?

B.B. Oh yes! and way cooler stuff.

S.H. What is your favorite secondhand gift you've given?

B.B. I don't now, I buy so many of them! Probably an out of print Edgar Guest book I found for my son. That's my favorite, when you find something you can't get anywhere else.

S.H. I hear that you know a family who only exchanges secondhand gifts.

B.B. Yes, they are happier than anyone. They find better quality items!

S.H. With December being so far removed from the garage sale season, where have you been shopping lately for gifts?

B.B. Well, you look all year. By December you should have most of your shopping done. But I always love the Goodwill!

S.H. What is one item that you would not give secondhand?

B.B. Underwear. That's about it.

S.H. Is there a difference between giving a secondhand gift and the practice of " regifting"?

B.B. I think the reason people regift is because people get so much stuff they don't need or even want. In this culture we are overrun with stuff in our own houses! I don't care if it's regifted or used, if someone really wants or needs it then give it! If you don't care about it, it's not much of a gift.

S.H. Bargain Betty, thank you for your words of wisdom.

Countdown to 127 (And shopping for Christmas 2010!)

224 days, 22 hours, 49 minutes, 5 seconds


  1. Wise words, indeed! Thank you, Bargain Betty!

  2. I love your girls' blog! I'm an avid secondhand shopper & actually a thrift/vintage stylist. I'm always SO excited to find others who share my passion. Keep up the good work ladies! -- Kari

  3. Your excitement pleases me and enthuses me. Don't live near a thrift store for convenient shopping, certainly not a large thrift store, but I do live in Fentress County, TN.