Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Countdown to 127!

127: Accommodations along the way

If you decide to make your 127 excursion more than a day trip, which we highly recommend, you will quite obviously need to find some sort of accommodations. In our experience, the hotels are generally booked with all of the traffic. Sometimes we make our reservations ahead of time, but we also like to just wing it and see where the road takes us.

This year we had a close call in Tennessee, when we decided last minute to stay in the quaint town of Dunlap which only had two hotels. We arrived at the Mountain Inn and Suites and they only had one room left, which happened to be the jacuzzi room. Oh the poor, distraught ladies of Secondhand Happenings. ;) We couldn't turn it down! The Mountain Inn is highly recommended. Reasonable rates, lovely rooms, and a free breakfast at the restaurant next door.

Another fantastic option is sleeping in the car. Hotel de Helfrich ,as we like to call it, is Elizabeth's station wagon. The back seat flips down and it's just comfortable enough to be sleepable. We spent the evening preceding our 2009 trip at the northernmost point of the sale in a church parking lot.

Awake, alive, and ready for garage saling!

Thank you, Fayette United Methodist Church, for the use of your parking lot. (get it? misteaks?)

Hotel de Helfrich has such a lovely view!

They look like little car sleeping angels...

We quickly warmed to the idea of a jacuzzi,
And also a king sized bed!

Countdown to 127: 246 days, 1 hour, 19 minutes, 5 seconds

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