Monday, July 27, 2009

My car smells like an antique store,...

and I feel thankful.
This past Saturday, Laura and I made a trip up to Sweetser, Indiana. What would we be doing there you may ask? Well visiting the Backburner Press, of course! The Backburner Press used to share its home with Sweetser Antiques, Etc. The owner of this cherished establishment happens to be a dear friend/mentor of mine. He was kind enough to pass on a great deal of inventory from the antique store that was no longer of use to him. We are exceedingly grateful! The whole experience was rather surreal.

And the best part is...this Sunday, August 2nd from 8am to 4pm at 5138 Broadway Street, these amazing finds and more will be available at the Secondhand Happenings 1st Annual Yard Sale!!! Hard to believe, I know. More details to come, so check back soon!

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