Friday, July 29, 2011

Secondhand Happenings Third Annual Yard Sale!

Dear Reader,
We are excited to announce our Third Annual Yard Sale! This time around it will be held in the front lawn of 1636 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis on Sunday, July 31 from 9 to 4.

Erika and I (Laura, that is) began work on the sale this evening. Our own flair and technique really showed through our tagging stations and pile organization, or lack thereof. Let me illustrate the stark contrast:
Laura's work station
Erika's work station
Erika's clothing piles
Laura's clothing pile
And above is just a peek at all the work cut out for us for the rest of the weekend! It's going to be a fantastic sale, and we kindly request the honor of your presence.
With love, S.H.

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