Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Reader,
First of all we would like to apologize for the lack of posts as of late. Remember when we said that we were
committed to more frequent posts, probably? The "probably" is for times like these. We have had some pretty fantastic, life-changing events transpire that have been keeping us otherwise occupied. More on that later- on to the bargains!

Today was a beautiful day for secondhand. Taking advantage of the weather, my friend and fellow blogger
Katrina and I hit the mean streets of Indianapolis looking for something to find. Our journey took us to three of the Value World family of thrift stores and one Salvation Army.

Katrina and the linens

What I didn't buy...

What I wasn't going to buy until I saw the 2.50 price tag. As I was checking out, the cashier told me "You'd better not go knockin' on anyone's door with nothing on underneath it! Lookin' for testimonies, HA!".

I stepped on this lovely dish and broke it shortly after this photograph was taken.

New bathroom reading!

Spring dress #1

Spring dress #2

It was a very successful day, complete with lunch at The Donut Shop. Now I've got to get some rest, as Secondhand Happenings has a very busy weekend ahead, scouring all of the Goodwills for dishes (it's a top secret project). More on that later as well!
with love, Laura


  1. "I stepped on this lovely dish and broke it shortly after this photograph was taken."

    Haha! Oh noooo!!!

    Well, most broken dishes don't have a photograph to document their existence. This lovely plate did. May it rest in pieces.

  2. oh no! it broke! i liked that plate.
    i had a good time!
    i hope your thrifting went well today, i went again in bloomington!